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About Us

Have you ever cringed at the cost of a ski or surf lesson? Have you ever looked for a skateboarding, kiteboarding or windsurfing instructor? Have you ever thought there must be a quick or cheaper way to learn the slopes of a mountain or where the best breaks are? …. or….. maybe you’ve always dreamt of a way to make some side money from doing what you love?

We have! – so we built to help solve these questions for ourselves and our users. Ski and surf instructors and expensive and monopolized. Other sports coaches are hard to find. Its time for change!

Our purpose is to unlock and empower local learning. Knowledgeable experts can now share their skills with the community and make some side money for doing what they love. Our users can learn from some of the best in the area at any location at a lower cost.

The value of local learning:

  • Access to more diverse and affordable coaches, experts and guides at all skill levels in any activity
  • Empower community members to be paid for doing what they love
  • Disrupt establishments that are offline, underpay and under employ
  • Cultural sharing. Be taught to surf by a Californian local or learn to ski from an Aspen seasonaire!

Want to make some money for coaching an activity you love?

Want to find someone to show you the ropes in your sport?