Information about twintip

How it works

How it works - Become an expert

1. Register as an expert and create a listing

Once you've created an account you can create a listing. Don’t forget to add pictures to both your listing and as your profile profile picture! In your listing you can also include a description outlining how long you have been practicing your activity, what skills and tips you are best suited to give and any accreditation you may have.

Once you've created a listing, add your payment details so you can be booked instantly.

2. Connect with prospective learners will direct learners to your page based on their desired activity and location. If you are booked by a learner, you will receive an email from providing detail on the booking. Be sure to connect prior to meet-up to ensure a good plan and give clear directions.

When you meet be courteous and engaging to help our users get the most out of the experience (and hopefully leave a great review for more bookings in the future!).

3. Receive feedback for coaching others to do what you love!

Hopefully all went well and you’ve imparted some knowledge! We will prompt the user for a review and fee will be transferred to your twintip account after the meetup. will take a 20% commission on every booking to cover the cost of connecting our community.

The more reviews and the better your star rating, the more users you will connect with!

How it works - Book a lesson

1. Search for your activity and location

You can explore our experts by activity and location to see who is best suited to help you. Be sure to check out the experts availability, booking fee, description and previous star ratings.

Before you can book an expert, you will need to create an account to verify your details and accept the twintip terms of use. An email will be sent and the expert will be in touch to confirm the booking. 

2. Connect with your guide or an expert

Once you’ve chosen an expert, they will be in touch to confirm a meeting place at your activity location. Meet them there at the specified time to get the all the tips they can offer! The expert’s tips are designed to be flexible so make sure you let them know your skill level and what you are looking for guidance with.

3. Review our experts and book again!

Once you’ve completed your lesson, be sure to jump on to leave to review and leave a tip. This helps our experts improve and keeps them sharing their skills. twintip will send a an email to help you complete the process.

*Note – to support the process, will pre-authorise your payment method to the amount stipulated in the local experts listing. If you have issues, please reach out to